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Human Resources Leader

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Media Planning Involves More Than Knowing The Audience. It’s About Becoming A Member Of The Audience.

There’s a difference between learning about the target audience and immersing yourself in it completely. We believe effective media planning is only possible when you do the latter. The first step in every Hart media plan is diving deep into all aspects of audience definition and behavior. Who they are. How they make decisions. What media they consume and how they consume it. And lastly, their message tolerance level. Our goal is to invite them in, not drive them away.

As audiences gain more control over where and when a brand’s message is seen and heard, our careful approach to planning and execution is more relevant today than ever before.

Capabilities Overview

Media research
Decision journey mapping from awareness to conversion
Media strategy development and cross-channel integration
Programmatic – precise digital targeting solutions
Paid social to amplify the conversation
Guerilla and nontraditional placements to heighten the experience
Traditional TV, radio, print and out-of-home
Streaming TV and audio
Campaign analytics