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ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute

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ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute
Integrated Campaign

Hart was charged with developing a campaign to encourage people to watch for the warning signs of vascular disease and, when seen, take immediate action. We were on a mission to command attention, drive patient volume, and ultimately drive preference for treatment at ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute.

Our strategic approach began with unforgettable visuals to address the four overall warning signs. Each animated graphic reflects the sophisticated technology and expertise at ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute. Each element reinforces the significance of the entire network with the “Well Connected” brand positioning. Key messaging, delivered with a candid, friendly tone, encourages the audience to seek testing and treatment with a ProMedica Jobst Vascular Institute specialist.

In just 11 weeks, the digital media portion alone of the overall campaign generated 1.57MM impressions and 2.4k site visits. And, while awards are never the goal, we’re proud to share with ProMedica the recognition of a Toledo-area Gold Addy for this work.