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Certified Angus Beef Brand

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Certified Angus Beef Brand
Brand Video

Certified Angus Beef ® brand needed to make a stronger emotional connection with consumers. Ultimately, Hart developed a strategy hinged on showing how Certified Angus Beef ® brand elevates life’s moments, large and small. It was all about making shared time something special. We developed a TV spot that was about their beef, yes, but it was also about family, friends, connections and life.

We landed on this inspirational spot that shows consumers how this premium brand can elevate any of life’s special moments shared with family and friends. The goal was to drive brand awareness and strengthen preference as Certified Angus Beef® brand transitions from a regional player to one with a national footprint. Our hope was to create a spot powerful enough to have a viral effect … and it did. Social media posts from consumers saying the spot brought tears to their eyes were especially gratifying to read, as that was exactly the sort of impact we intended.