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The major wall and ceiling contractors of America were losing market share at an alarming rate. Why? Tightening budgets on construction projects and, more unfortunately, the growing perception among builders that anyone can hang drywall. As a result, some of the largest wall and ceiling contractors in the country came together to form the national Signatory Wall and Ceiling Contractors Alliance (SWACCA). Their goal: protect and grow the industry by demonstrating the benefits of using highly trained and experienced contractors and recruiting the next generation of skilled workers.

SWACCA needed a voice. Not a voice of defiance or dissatisfaction, but a voice of promise. A promise that would go far beyond providing good reasons for hiring an experienced contractor. A promise of training for tomorrow’s workers; a promise of careers for their employees, not just a dead-end hourly job without benefits. A promise of pride in workmanship, collaboration and, in the end, a return on investment that would outweigh any notion of using a lesser contractor.

Execution and Results

Hart spoke with owners, builders, contractors and workers to truly understand the situation and the task at hand. Once we understood the mindset of all of the stakeholders, we began to the bring the SWACCA brand to life. First it was a logo, then a website and then video stories to help people realize what SWACCA was all about. Today, we are helping SWACCA develop new programs, partnerships and tools to continue growing its membership, demonstrating member value and solidifying its position in the construction industry.

SWACCA quickly gained presence and visibility, and ultimately was invited to participate in a workforce training event at the White House, helping amplify the industry’s national voice.