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When ProMedica approached the topic of bariatric surgery with sensitivity and honesty, consumers responded with interest and enthusiasm.


The decision journey of a bariatric surgery patient can last a year or longer. So we knew our approach to messaging would be critical to the success of this campaign, designed to increase interest in ProMedica’s weight-loss solutions, including bariatric surgery. The campaign was needed; historically ProMedica had experienced a 50% no-show rate among those who registered to attend a ProMedica Weight Loss information session. That statistic told us they were intrigued by the prospects of bariatric surgery, but uncertainty about taking such an important step was holding them back.

So we developed a campaign that encouraged them to move forward.

The campaign had multiple goals, including increased consumer engagement on all ProMedica Weight Loss webpages, increased registrations and reduced no-show rates for bariatric surgery seminars and, ultimately, an increase in bariatric surgery volume.

Execution and Results

More than anything, this campaign was about acknowledging the consumers’ mindset and being understanding of their uncertainty. We believed the only way to increase their comfort level was to connect with every patient on a personal level and convince them we knew how they were feeling.

The creative approach was open and honest. It reinforced that the potential of living a normal life, free of excessive, harmful weight, was the greatest motivation of all. We were careful to include messaging that would resonate with consumers in all phases of the decision journey. Specifically, we wanted the audience to know ProMedica has multiple weight-loss solutions available. Not every person requires bariatric surgery. But when surgery is an option, ProMedica has the resources and talent to provide expert, compassionate care.

From 2016 to 2017, ProMedica experienced a:


Increase in bariatric seminar registrants.


Decrease in the no-show rate among seminar registrants.


Increase in bariatric surgeries performed.