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Brian Newberry – VP, Brand Leadership

There has been a seismic shift in channel planning for the home products category. Channel planning once consisted of mapping media and messages to specific touchpoints on a linear buying journey. The marketer’s role was to guide the customer through each stage and channel.

However, changes in con...

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Brian Newberry – VP, Brand Leadership

How short-handed industries are taking the long view.

A 2015 survey by the Associated General Contractors of America revealed that nearly 80% of construction businesses are having a hard time finding qualified skilled labor. Older generations of craftsmen are aging out of the workforce, and younge...

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Sean Rodman – VP, Creative Director

Video as an advertising tool has been around for nearly 80 years. The very first TV commercial for Bulova Watch Company, which was 10 seconds long and ran during a Brooklyn Dodgers game in 1941, stated simply, “America runs on Bulova time.”

Eight decades later, video remains the single most dynami...

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Why are people making home improvements? And how do baby boomer, Generation X and millennial spending compare?

We recently conducted a national survey of more than 600 consumers to gain a better understanding of the home improvement landscape in 2017. We’ve been sharing our insights in recent blogs.

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Just last month, Consumer Reports projected that Americans are poised to spend “a near-record $317 billion” on home improvement projects this year.

We’re not surprised to hear that.

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