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Anthony Hiss – Project Manager

Since World War II, health care has predominately been a B2B affair. Patients didn’t have much say in the matter. Yet here we are, on the heels of the 50-year anniversary of the end of World War II, and health care is changing – faster than you might think.

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Anthony Hiss – Project Manager

Video has often been thought of as a way to make a website come to life. Well, it’s also breathing life into content marketing, email marketing, SEO, social and more. Not just because it’s eye candy – it improves brand affinity, customer relations and, best of all, marketing and sales results.

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Anthony Hiss – Project Manager

As marketers, we always talk about the importance of content, and you probably see the words “content marketing” everywhere you look. A recent study from MarketingProfs shows that 86% of marketers use content marketing in their organization, and it’s no surprise that social media is the leading channel. The study shows that 96% of marketers use social media posts for their content marketing, with the most successful marketers noting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the top three platforms.

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MAUMEE, Ohio, August 11, 2015 – Hart, a full-service, Ohio-based marketing and advertising agency, has teamed up with a national nonprofit organization to improve the health of Toledo-area residents.

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Tiffany Vogel – Senior Copywriter

Creating an advertising campaign for an ER isn’t necessarily brain surgery (thank goodness), but it’s not to be taken lightly either. Along with the PCP and OB/Gyn, your ER/urgent care is as important an entry point into your healthcare system as there is. One walk-in ER patient could become a heavy user of your system for years.

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