Hart/CPV acquisition FAQ

What changes will I see?

Initially, it will be business as usual. We’re committed to making this transition as seamless as possible for clients. The biggest change you will see is an enhanced service offering, as each agency brings different expertise.

What new services are offered?

Hart brings the clients of CPV access to a fully integrated video studio and web development, digital marketing, consumer insights and public relations services. CPV will deepen Hart’s offerings in inbound marketing and marketing automation, bringing significant experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and certification from Hubspot.

When can I take advantage of the enhanced services the agency now offers?

Immediately. Our new, stronger team offers a wealth of experience… and that’s available to our clients every day.

Have all staff been retained?

All CPV staff are now employees of HART/CPV. We’re excited to add depth to our team and broaden our expertise.

Clients of both agencies will continue to work with the same team you’ve come to know. As we fully integrate the agencies, you may be introduced to additional team members over time who will add strength and new insights to your work.

How big is the combined agency?

The acquisition creates a team of more than 80 employees.

Will CPV leave Columbus?

No. Hart established a presence in the Columbus market in 2015, and we remain fully committed to strengthening our roots in that area. The acquisition simply expands the Columbus operations of both agencies.

When will the acquisition occur?

Hart legally acquired CPV on October 17, 2016. For now, the firms are operating business as usual and CPV is currently HART/CPV. Over the next several months, our teams will work together to fully integrate our processes and workflow into a single agency operation.

Why did Hart acquire CPV?

Recently, Hart and CPV entered into talks and after many productive conversations and very careful consideration, we determined the time was right for Hart to acquire CPV. The acquisition allows Hart to expand its operations in the Columbus market and CPV to add depth to its offerings. The acquisition makes both agencies even stronger, as it brings more services and fresh ideas for our clients.

Who owns the resulting agency?

Mike Hart, president and CEO of Hart, will continue to own the agency.