Shaping Tomorrow’s Conversations, Leading Today’s Change.

At Hart, we feel having conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion is essential for organizational and personal growth. In this series, Mike Hart, CEO, sits down with some leading voices in our community to discuss what DE&I means and why it is so important.

We explore essential topics such as:

Understanding DEI: Discover the fundamentals of diversity and inclusion and why they matter.

Common Misconceptions: Learn about the common mistakes people make when addressing DEI.

Beyond the Basics: Dive deeper into DEI philosophy and discover why scratching the surface isn’t enough.

Business Strategies: Find out practical steps businesses can take to become more diverse and inclusive.

Core Beliefs: Understand why DEI should be at the heart of your organizational values and ideologies.


Founder/Chief Motivation Officer
Whirlwind U

John Henry Livingston, certified facilitator/trainer, motivational speaker, and branding change strategist, founded Whirlwind U Motivational Institute. His agency empowers leaders and achievers to embrace change, fostering creative excellence through strategic execution, branding, and change-focused seminars and training.