Ensuring Your ER Is Top-Of-Mind When It Matters Most

August 6, 2015 - Health Care - Tony Pezzulo - Senior Copywriter

You created an award-winning marketing campaign for your ER. But that was a year ago, and since then you’ve been resting on your marketing campaign laurels. Will the consumer who now needs ER services remember your messaging from a year ago? It’s not likely; most people can’t even remember what they had for breakfast yesterday. If you’re not top-of-mind, you’re probably not at the top of their list either. Continuity, geo-targeting and lifestyle strategy are good tactics that can help you be remembered when it matters most.

If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times …

Consumers just don’t think about emergency situations until they have to. They subconsciously rely on brand recognition when in a position to decide which ER to go to. Harvard Business School Professor Gerald Zaltman says 95% of purchase decisions take place subconsciously. What’s more, according to the principle of cognitive fluency, humans tend to like that which is familiar and easily understood. That’s why maintaining a regular messaging frequency is so important.

A recent InsightExpress study states that the quality, frequency and context of ads play considerably large roles in influencing customers, with frequency being a powerful driver of persuasion. That said, having a consistent marketing presence with your target audience should significantly help ensure your ER is top-of-mind when it matters most. That means being where they are when they are by allocating a portion of your marketing/media budget over all or most of the year to allow for this continuity.

It’s not only what you say and how you say it, but when and where you say it, too.

Geo-targeting your message to deliver content based on location makes a lot of sense. For the medical facility located near an area that has a large population of families and children, marketing the facility’s pediatric resources falls right in line with this practice. Consumers need to know that care is close by, especially in an emergency situation. This also harkens back to the convenience factor, as previously posted.

Where do they work, live and play? That’s where to reach them.

Utilizing niche locations that combine both lifestyle and current mindset enables you to employ a lifestyle strategy that helps you reach your audience physically and cerebrally. For example, sports facilities attract people with an active lifestyle. This creates an opportunity to capture the decision maker at a time when a decision regarding emergency services may be needed. (Think about the mom sitting in the stands watching her son play baseball.)

For Mercy Health East Beltline Urgent Care, all of the media purchased was within a 10-mile radius of the urgent care facility. Placements were in low-cost lifestyle outlets. Space at every sports facility within the targeted geography was purchased, as well as movie theatre screen ads and outdoor in high-traffic areas.

Continuity, geo-targeting and lifestyle strategy – good tactics can help ensure your ER is top-of-mind when it matters most. We’ll regularly feature more interesting posts that appeal to healthcare marketers right here because, well … I think you know why.

Got a top-of-mind thought about effective ER marketing? There’s no time like the present to share your thoughts.

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